Our litters



As we are responsible breeders and concern for the well-being of our dogs, our dams will not have more than one litter per year starting only at 2 years of age.


The next Basenji litter is scheduled for: FALL 2019
The next Akita Inu litter is scheduled for: FALL 2019



We strongly suggest you make a reservation by completing the questionnaire provided for this purpose. « reservation section ».


In order to maintain an AAA quality, maintain standards and avoid crosses with other breeds, all of our puppies are soldwith a non- breeding agreement from the Canadian Kennel Club.


We will take the time to read, clarify and complete with you the contract of sale of one of our puppies (including puppy sterilization contract).





Akita Inu

2750, 00 $ Can (+taxes) 500,00 $ Can


 1800,00 $ Can (+taxes)

300,00 $ Can


In addition, we offer a 14 day guarantee viral and a 24-month warranty on hereditary diseases. All health tests were done before breeding and monitoring was made on our lines on hereditary diseases related to each breed (refer to the "About us" tab for health tests carried out on our breeds).


Here is what is included in the price of a Ango Angari Puppy


• Registration from the Canadian Kennel Club , certifying that they are pure breed.

• The first 2 vaccines (basic vaccine booster + 1)

• Worm every 2 weeks until departure

• Microchip

• Health record

• A small identification collar

• A blanket with mom’s smell




As you could see in the "About us" tab, all our dogs are bred freely in the house and each has its own space (pen) The mother and the puppies will also have their own room away from the group with a playroom for newborns. At Ango Angari we offer a superb quality of life for our companions and all their puppies.


From the age of 4 weeks and until departure, we begin stimulation of puppies: sounds, movements, smells, socialization with humans and with other dogs. So, rest assured that your future puppy will be balanced and less suspicious of the unknown.




Ango Angari  is responsible for selling you an healthy and registered puppy. It is the responsibility of the buyer to take good care of this puppy to love and educate them properly. We put so much effort, time and love to offer you a perfectly healthy puppy, sweet, friendly and affectionate. We hope that you will continue our work and that you assume ALL YOUR LIFE this responsibility. Have fun, enjoy yourself, create your own chemistry, your own universe and be happy together.