History of the Basenji



It was thought to have been extinct until British researchers rediscovered  some specimens in the African Congo forest in the late 19th century. At that time, the tribes used it mostly for hunting small animals and birds. Hunting as a silent pack (he is not mute but generally does not bark), the Basenji often wore a bell to signal his presence to his human partner in the deep forest. It has always been known for its keen eyesight and excellent flair.
Before being named "Basenji" ("bush" in an African language) by a Mrs. Burn in England around 1936, it was known under the dog name of Congo or Congo Terrier. This breed was rightly classified as hounds. The question of whether they are a lure coursing dog  or a hound dog as not been decided.

The breed was introduced in France around 1960 and is enjoying growing popularity since the 80s, in the 1980s, several Basenjis were imported from Zaire (now Congo) to the United States and enriched the heritage Genetics of the AKC (American Kennel Club) .It is now extremely popular in the United States but unfortunately still little known in Canada.

This little dog still holds many secrets and mysteries just waiting to be discovered by enthusiasts and passionate.