Educating of Basenji


The Basenji is endowed with great intelligence, you will have to earn respect and learn to live with it’s personality while imposing some discipline. It only needs to master that is firm and has zero aggression. You will not gain anything from your Basenji by force or annoyance. You will win for sure in your relationship with your Basenji by adopting the saying: an iron hand in a velvet glove. When compliance, complicity and chemistry are installed, you can be sure that he will make it worth your while.

The Basenji is a very clean and proud dog, it is not difficult to teach him cleanliness. Being half cat, he spends part of it’s time cleaning and licking like a cat grooming. A feature that sets it apart from all the dog breeds, the Basenji exudes no body odor. Finally a dog that doesn’t smell like a  dog !!

Regarding physical activity, the Basenji can follow you everywhere! This is a dog that needs to expend energy in a day. So, if you are an adept at running or long hikes in the mountains, the Basenji is made for you. On the other hand, we strongly suggest that you always keep your Basenji on leash during your walks. Due to his innate sense for hunting, it could give you the slip at any time if he is distracted by something. It is important to inculcate the notion of recall as the Basenji to very prone to run away. In summary, go out on a leash, let him run freely once a day (in a fenced place) and let it discover the pleasures of nature walks on weekends.

It is not recommended to leave a Basenji in perfect freedom in the house. He is the kind of dog to redo all the decoration of your home and sculpt your furniture with his teeth. It adapts easily to life in a cage or in a small room as long as you offer him toys to change his mind. Although during your absence, it will probably sleep all day while waiting for you impatiently.

Despite its small size, the Basenji does not impose on his canine companions. When a dog has a bad energy or assault him, it will rather face him and fight back to keep his dignity and even to lecture badly behaved dogs. During their periods of play with trusted peers, they will have fun without malice and with great spirit. You will understand that the games of pursuit are what he prefers.


To facilitate learning, socialization, and daily living conditions of a Basenji, it is essential to socialize to the maximum from an early age. Do not hesitate as a puppy to get him in touch with animals and also humans. You will come out a winner and so will he.

The best advice we can give you is do not hesitate to go to a dog training club, especially if your Basenji is your first dog.