Personality of the Basenji

 This section could prove to be the longest and most complex as one might say about his character and personality. We will therefore make it easier by simply using 5 keywords that best describe this little swagger on 4 legs:

Silent, intelligent, independent, affectionate and active




One of the specific characteristics of the Basenji is that it is the only dog ​​in the world who does not bark.  It rather growls small noises similar to giggles as compared to singing Tyrolean. You will hear these little sounds particularly when it is  happy to see you. Unusual sounds that will make you laugh and fall in love.

The Basenji often understands sometimes too fast. It can easily use manipulation when he has an idea in mind. He knows how to use his charms to make you bend or give in, something that must be avoided to do. With a little patience and lots of treats you'll be surprised how quickly that little clown can learn.

It's hard to think that in this little dog is hiding somewhere a feline soul. Indeed, the Basenji loves perching in height and observe everything that happens in its environment. It examines, analyzes, keeps abreast of the smallest changes and focuses on every gesture of his masters. You will find it repeatedly stretching and washing itself like a cat.

Outside, you can sometimes shout loudly and for a long time, if it does not want to answer, he just won’t do it.

Inside, it's just the opposite. He is everywhere at once, and especially in the legs of his masters. When called, it runs quickly for fear of missing something or miss a treat.


The Basenji is a ball of affection. He loves to cuddle and snuggle up on the sofa with his masters. At night, it is common for them to make their way under the covers to find the warmth of his master and snuggle between their legs.

Some people might say that active may not be the right term. Hyperactive might be a more appropriate word. You have to see him run around like crazy to understand. When cars are around, he runs after them. His favorite activity is to steal the clothes lying around (socks, underwear, t-shirt) and be chased. If he brings you back your slippers it won’t be to please you but to initiate a pursuit.