General aspect of the Basenji

General aspect :
An aristocratic dog in appearance , lightweight built, fine-boned , high on legs compared with its length, always in balance . Wrinkled head with straight ears, proudly carried on a well arched neck . Deep chest . Tail curled tight .


Height and weight

An adult male stands 17 in (43 cm) at the shoulder and weighs approximately 24 lb (11.5 kg). Females will be slightly less.

Head :
Fine and abundant wrinkles appear on the forehead when ears prick. Wrinkles on the side
of the head are desirable, but they must not be excessive to the point of forming a loose skin. 

Skull :

Flat, well chiselled, medium width, which tapers towards the nose. Side lines of skull taper gradually towards mouth, giving a clean -cheeked appearancThe black truffle is desirable. The eyes are dark, almond-shaped. Small ears, pointed, erect and slightly inclined , fine texture, set well forward on top of head .

Neck :
Strong and of good length , without thickness , well curved at back and pretty much filled at the base of the throat with a graceful curve accentuating the curve of the profile. The neck fits well in the shoulders, giving the head a proud carriage . 

Tail :
High attached ; tail winds in tight loop , above the spine to be applied against any thigh forming a single loop or double .



Coat :
Short, sleek and close, very fine . Colors: black and white, red and white, Tricolor  and brindle. White feet, chest and tail tip. The white at the neck and head is optional. Excessive white is undesirable.

                       *** He has the strange feature of blushing around eyes and ears when he feels strong emotion ***