Education of theAkita Inu


The Akita Inu is a very intelligent dog with strong analytical skills. It will not work or act if it does not see the point and won’t gain anything back from it.  Therefore get his respect and learn to live with his personality but impose some discipline. It only needs a gentle master, calm and patient with whom he feels fully confident. When compliance, complicity and chemistry are installed, you can be sure it will surprise you.


The Akita Inu is a very clean and proud dog, it is not difficult to house break him.
Regarding physical activity, if you are looking for a canine friend to run with you and walk for hours, the Akita Inu is perhaps not the dog for you. But it will overflow with enthusiasm when you bring him along for a nice walk. We strongly suggest that you always keep your Akita Inu on leash during your walks. Due to his inborn sense for hunting, it could give you the slip any time if he sees an attractive prey. It is therefore important to teach the notion of recall, as the Akita Inu is a very good hunter.

The Akita Inu is very selective about his canine companions. A dog with a bad energy or releasing excessive dominance could destabilize your Akita Inu. In addition, the Akita Inu sometimes has trouble with his same-sex peers. It will be important when choosing to adopt an Akita Inu to pair it with an opposite-sex partner. Of course, there are exceptions , especially if a hierarchy is installed (we are the perfect example because our Akita Inu easily coexists with another male). To facilitate learning, socialization and daily living conditions of Akita Inu, it is essential to socialize the maximum at a young age.

Surprisingly, the Akita Inu will get along much more easily with other animal species such as cats, horses, etc. provided they have been used to it at a young age.

However, we have no complaints about the behavior of the Akita Inu toward humans. He loves the  presence of humans (especially his master) and as difficulty to part from them. He will protect them and watch over them day and night such as a great samurai who always keeps a watchful eye.

The best advice we can give you is do not hesitate to go to a dog training club or licensed dog trainer, especially if your Akita Inu is your first dog.