Personality of the Akita Inu

This is a dog that naturally inspires respect by his calm attitude, pride and sensitivity. Dignity and poise are intended to be both reassuring and even fascinating for some


Very affectionate with his family and familiar acquaintances, it sometimes shows to be reserved and shy towards strangers. On the other hand you have to make the distinction between indifference and aggression. It rather reserves all his affection to his family. Certainly, it has character but it is peaceful and gentle as a lamb.

It is a very quiet dog that will bark only to warn his family of an unusual element or abnormal situation. It is up to the owner to pay attention to the difference in barking.


It is pretty easy to leave an Akita Inu roaming freely in the house. It is not the kind of breed to howl when left alone or vandale the furniture in the house. He prefers to sleep all day waiting for you. This is a great lazy dog who prefers to sleep ¾ of the time in a cozy environment that gives it security.


The Akita Inu is not designed to suit everybody that is one of its greatest charms.