Adopting a dog, regardless of the breed , is an important decision that should be carefully considered . You will fall in love with these little clumsy hairball aged 10-12 weeks. But do not forget that this living being will grow and will live for at least ten years.


Before acquiring a dog , ask yourself many questions about your lifestyle , the sacrifices you are willing to make, on the money and the time you will have to invest for the next 10 years. If you have any doubt, you have your answer!


Take the time to properly learn about dog breeds that fit your lifestyle , your needs , your expectations , etc. There are several factors to consider for the future well being of your canine friend (hygiene, hair shedding, cutting claws, energy , recall , sedentary lifestyle, etc.). You will come out winner and your future dog too !!!





The arrival of a puppy in your environment completely change your life habits. You will also have to adjust furniture position and block access to certain areas. Of course, you may need to remove your beautiful decorations and plants and replacing them with a ton of toys constantly on your floor.


The first months of a puppy's life are crucial for his education and socialization. You will have to walk everywhere, enter in contact with different elements of everyday life, but especially to allow him to meet lots of dogs and human. We strongly suggest you to contact a dog training school in order to quickly establish a strong bond between you and your puppy (especially if it is your first dog).


The life expectancy of an Akita Inu is 11 years and 15 years for a Basenji. He will be your responsibility for all these years, you will have to budget the costs related to food, veterinary care, annual registration to the city and the purchase of all required accessories (cage, collar, leash, bowl, grooming accessories, etc.)


Housebreaking is hard work for new owners. You  must be constantly alert and be as available as possible. You must quickly establish a structure and routine with your puppy. From the start, there must be the out every 3 hours and tell it exactly where you want it to do its business. Be tedious, this will facilitate learning. It is quite normal for a puppy to bark, dig, chew on objects ... This is also part of the discipline and education that you need to invest on your puppy. For Akita Inu or Basenji, education must be done without screaming or violence. "An iron fist in a velvet glove" is a well designated proverb for these two breeds.



 First steps in his new house


Upon arrival at the house, you must immediately make the visit of key locations (locations to its needs, crate, toy basket, bowl of water). The house should not belong to him and you will impose your limits from the start (No jumping on the couch, on the bed, etc.) It will have to earn your trust before being able to roam freely in the house. 10 minutes after a meal , after a play period or when he wakes up, your puppy will be led outside to do his business.


The floor must be free of any element that could be dangerous for the puppy (socks, string, small ball, etc.). In brief, anything that could be swallowed and cause many injuries to your pooch. Do not forget that at this age, your puppy is in exploration mode and discovery. It will put everything in his mouth and try to make a great feast. A free environment of any risk of accident will help you avoid veterinarian bills and be more reassuring for your puppy. This will avoid to condition your puppy to a negative energy by constantly using the "NO do not touch that," "NO don’t go there," NO do not eat that ", etc.


If you already have one or more pets at home, you should provide a moment of encounter with the new guy and a smooth adjustment period.


Use your crate in different ways. It is necessary to slowly introduce the crate to your puppy everyday even if you are not very far. He must quickly realize that this is his home, it is comfortable, safe and it is good to live in.



Things you should have before bringing home a dog


Metal crate with separator and removable plastic pan

Bowl for food and water ( steel or porcelain )

Brush especially for the Akita Inu

Claws Cutter


Ear cleaner

Toothbrush and toothpaste ( Dog )

Cushion and blanket

Small nylon bone

Small  pressed leather bones

Durable and safe toys

Leash and flat collar ( no choke )

Many treats for the first months (dried liver, little bite )

A good quality food bag Fromm puppy