About us ?


Ango Angari is a family-based breeding wishing to offer you hte most beautiful subjects while respecting the ethics of conformation, excellent healt and flawless temperament.


All tests are carried out on our dogs to give you puppies in perfect health and maximize the quality of life for your companion.


We grant great importance in health testing. Please be assured that none of our dogs suffers from physical problem or illness that is breed

(Fanconi, hip dysplasia , eye and thyroid gland).


Health examination performed for our breeding Basenjis :

X-ray of elbows and hips, DNA based Fanconi Test and PRA (Progressive retinal atrophy ) , thyroid test and eye exam.


Health examination performed for our breeding Akita Inus :

X-ray of elbows and hips, review of dislocations of the patellas.


Locations and Facilities


Our breeding was officially launched in the summer of 2013. We have built ​​the necessary facilities to ensure the comfort of our little ones. Following the arrival of our new dogs (a Basenji and Akita Inu) , we upgraded our enclosures and added a nursery.


Our home is located in a municipality near Lévis, on the south shore of Quebec City. This little piece is in the countryside, it offers a large playground where dogs play and run outside, the yard is all fenced. Inside, our animals are raised in a family environment which enables proper socialization. In addition, each dog has an enclosure with cushion and belongings where they can relax and feel secure.


The quality of life for our precious one is very important. We focus on basic needs (cleanliness, hygiene, sanitary conditions) and a healthy diet necessary for our dogs to be well and happy.