We are pleased to welcome you at Ango Angari!


First, it is important to introduce our breeding of Basenji and Akita Inu that is when we fell head over heels.

We had the opportunity and privilege to meet for the first time an Akita Inu in the winter of 2011. A meeting that was significant and mostly endearing getting to discover a dog imprinted with a unique history. Life is often meant to be, because it gave us the opportunity to welcome our first Akita Inu in 2012. Since then we share a passion with all those who want and wish to learn more about the true friend of the great samurais.


But our love at first sight did not stop there!

In the winter of 2012, our heart skipped the beat again. We encountered a completely different breed with a very special personality. Surrounded by a mysterious and dripping history of secrets, we were bewitched by the Basenji. Our happiness was heightened, we adopted our first African Basenji. It is only the beginning of a great adventure for Ango Angari.


With the arrival of these two beauties on 4 legs, a passion was born. So we invested body and soul to start a quality breeding in compliance to the standard of each of these breeds. Of course, all this while keeping the main focus on safety,  well-being and health of these gems from Japan and Egypt.